Hello! Wake up before the clock stops ticking …

Let’s build up the consciousness that no longer allows wars, egomania, the dogmas of guilt and payback, etc. The change has to and will be initiated subliminally.

„Stormy“ in its capacity as subliminal transporter serves as a “tool” for this purpose. Thus, light falls on unexposed (still hidden parts of “spiritual badland” energies). People will not be able to develop into an empathic human being (philanthropist) until they have learned to understand what directs and controls them in certain moments. And to know the influencing factors that make them think, feel, and act in a sick and unhealthy way. Sick in the sense of emotionally sick – where people act or do not act contrary to the cosmic principle of harmony and fairness. We need to become aware of the thinking errors that periodically lead us into certain negative emotional states, mood swings, etc.

The sword of Damocles (in the form of prevailing pathogenic thought and behaviour dogmas) hovers explosively over our heads! It is always true: If I know nothing, I must believe everything.

  • STOP this pathological way of thinking!
  • STOP this erroneous development in the collective!
  • STOP these negative behaviours and dogmas which are driven and caused by “spiritual badland” energies!

With this precognitive perception, Scientist and PSI-researcher Willi Robé has felt for years obliged to prepare people for the coming crisis. Of course, one did not know how the crises would present itself in detail, but it was always pointed out to arm oneself on the subtle level, to be well prepared on the emotional and mental level to get through the crises. In his profession, Willi Robé has performed at the highest level in recent years and, among other things, „Stormy“ was launched with his message!

The message is:

After happened failures, disappointments, and offenses, we should finally stop looking for the guilty person(s) and rather learn to understand the causes – then we can shape life in a safer way and with more fairness.

Let us learn from this knowledge to stage our future new!

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