In today’s society, we have become visibly blind to life.

Many of us have grown up in democratic conditions without considering that there are also other structures of power. Far too carelessly we have taken on all the technical progress without realizing that – at the same time – we have opened the door to various establishments pursuing their own power interests in their development, people have actually managed to be in slavery to technological progress in many areas.

The causes are found on the subtle level!

The prevailing matrix of consciousness is a thought construct that was set up by people with negative “spiritual badland” energies (= untransformed people) in order to be able to maintain the old power structures. Subliminal means are used: fear, empowerment, control, rating schemes, possessiveness, blame, intimidation, etc.

The incidents show that we are asked to look with an open eye and not with fear at the processes that are staged globally. Loyalty is nurtured with capital. With the spreading of half-truths and untruths, the people are taken for fools – worldwide. For a responsible citizen, the impression arises that mainstream dissemination of fear-mongering factors is carried out until apparently the “master plan of the powerful” is carried out.

We are called upon to become MORE AWARE!

Keep fit in the sense of an alert spirit! The corresponding instincts are innate in us humans, but they have successively trained away from us, and unconscious convictions (worthlessness, inferior value of a formative nature) influence our resonance behaviour. It has a correspondingly negative effect on one’s own life, in interpersonal behaviour, in relationships, etc.

Now it is time to use soul resources to shed fears of all kinds!

Where fear prevails, nothing good grows anymore. When the soul is in distress, the mind and mood darken. Get rid of your fear. Only critical discernment saves man from naivety, cadaver obedience, and disaster.

The Psi-walker community cannot tolerate that it becomes dark on this earth (in the sense of human degeneration). Just for this reason, we send “Stormy” around the globe. Equipped with the power of a philanthropist, “Stormy” encourages people to think objectively and without judgment about prevailing pathogenic dogmas and beliefs.

We are now in a time frame where it is really a matter of setting the right exit from the downward spiral: Suffering death by a thousand cuts, or wanting to evolve into being human out of inner conviction.

Each individual person can contribute so that we can benefit worldwide from the new objectified consciousness, which keeps us healthy, in harmony, and balance.

Be a part of it! Become a Psi-walker!

Emotional insights are the first step to the positive transformation of this pathogenic consciousness.

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