The PSI-walker community allows you to get the background knowledge of how the history of “Insurrection, War, Defeat – Insurrection …” keeps itself alive. And you will learn what we need to pay attention to now, so that the energetic substance of fear, hatred, incomprehension does not show up in inhuman actions. Wordwide, we are sitting on this energetic powder keg! We are on the doorstep of a social catastrophe. Each of us must assume his or her responsibility – society begins with the individual.

In the form of subliminal touches, „Stormy“ the soul traveller – restores hope and confidence. They are needed more than ever. „Stormy“ will be the handhold of generations to come. This figurehead will be mentioned in the history books because it is the link between head & mind and soul & intuition.

The soul structure always plays a big role in crucial moments!

More and more people feel the inner urge to stand up; tu stand up overtly for human values, peace & fairness, to demand changes in the law, etc. Many civic movements, platforms, etc. have emerged in recent months. They demand the exposure of injustices and to stand up for the fundamental rights of humans.

But, as lang as negative egotisms determine the respective consciousness, history will always repeat itself. The law of cause & effect repeats itself over and over again: Power that leads into powerlessness! Blind obedience, on the one hand – rebellion, on the other hand. However, no one wins this “game”! There are only losers and disappointed ones! Because incomprehension, fear, and the guilt-and-atonement principle always remain unchanged in human thought = the beginning of the end.

The deep-seated problem of humanity is that they are looking for someone to blame.

When you have freed yourself from these thought and behaviour models, then you can take personal responsibility in all areas. Recognize the importance that children grow up accordingly with the necessary awareness of cause & effect. New models of thought and behaviour generate new possibilities for action and implementation. Therein lies the universal key.

Let’s decide for harmony & fairness and not for the misdirected ego! To create a new collective consciousness is the goal.

„Stormy“ in its psi-energy quality can and will ignite the true values of the humans. Understanding and empathy have the right to exist and enable harmonious togetherness! And they are not used for self-interest by certain powerful people how it happened in the past.

The order of the day: rethinking – creating consciousness – questioning – tidying up psi-energetically!

The opportunity to rethink and realign should be used to avoid further sensitization processes because they will take place until we have learned to understand the triggers. Repressed things (the unrecognized) are always noticeable in the foreground and point to the problem in the background (= cosmic law of cause & effect). Once we have identified the triggers, we can correct everything.

Become – be – and stay a human being! Realizations and inner readiness keep development processes alive!

We humans already know a lot of things that we need to change and improve in interpersonal relationships. But in the form of negative emotions, the emotional level plays tricks on us.

„I want to, but I can’t“ may become “a life companion” for some people.

Negative psi-fields in the living space and imprinting are linked to emotions. Everything that happens to a person in the foreground, such as streaks of bad luck, accidents, recurring fears, problems, illnesses, etc., has an energetic origin. All movements of feeling are stored on the soul level.

The imprinting (of the prevailing collective, of the family, of experienced events, etc.) gives rise to an event horizon that has a decisive influence on one’s own being and doing. The dispositioned inner matrix forms the consciousness.

= to perceive the possibility to discover oneself / one’s soul potential
= to integrate one’s true personality
= to straighten out possible personality deficits
= to develop empathy
= to turn weaknesses into strengths

You were born as an original, therefore do not become a copy!

That is the goal! To arrive there, where – proverbially meant – the “dear God” lives (= salvation of the soul).

„Follow Stormy!“ and become a free spirit!

This means, your spirit is free from any ghosts of the past, compulsions and resulting parts, which lead to personality deformation. The human being will be able to live as a free spirit out of his / her intuition.

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