Just at the right time, we send our figurehead named „Stormy“ on a world tour.

„Stormy“ stands symbolically for: “The savior of the soul”.
A worldwide network of positive psi-energetic impulses creates what a spoken word cannot trigger anymore in humans for sustainable change.

Symbolically „Stormy“ is a wandering PSI-sign with immense effectiveness. Equipped with all the elements that take care that the weapons of defeat (envy, greed, exaggerated egoism, guilt consciousness …) can be put down collectively peacefully, voluntarily, and from the innermost conviction!

We can only change something if we blow up our formative fetters from the inside! By finally recognizing the roots of the evil and wanting to change them within us. A motivated person does not need “marching orders”, she/he acts from human insight. Motivation comes from recognizing the need!

“Stormy” with its psi-energetic capacity can and will ignite the truthful values in people. Understanding and empathy have the existing right, in order to make a harmonious togetherness possible.

It is not too late, but it is time to rethink.

The messages of “Stormy” are addressed to all people, especially to those who may be irritated by all the worldly happenings, who are afraid. “Stormy” the soul traveler gives hope and confidence again in the form of subliminal touches, which are needed now more than ever in stormy times. The intensity of “Stormy” is like a handhold in turbulent times.

“Stormy’s” message is, “Only an open spirit / mind saves you from collective disappointment and accompanying emotions and actions.”

It is time to take over the responsibility for your soul development. Understand that the root of all evils is the same worldwide! The respective prevailing frequencies of consciousness contribute to the fact that the human being, again and again, becomes a runner in circles.

Only then, when we no longer look for guilt, but for the causes and realize them – only then can all the peaceful intentions unfold and take permanent hold. “Stormy” in its capacity as a subliminal transporter serves as a tool for this.

The beginnings of the transformation of consciousness were already noticeable in the 70s, but people got lost in the excessive, immoderateness, seduction, etc. In all previous attempts to bring forth positive change, autonomous polarization arose and led to the division of society: the dissenters and freedom lovers on the one hand – the dogmatically thinking, performance-oriented on the other.

For this very reason, we send “Stormy” around the globe.
Equipped with the power of a philanthropist, it gets people to think objectively and without judgment about prevailing dogmas and beliefs that cause illness.

Now is the chance for collective evolution instead of a revolution!

Consciousness transformation


Psi-walker community

“Stormy” is a free spirit with its quality!

In its intention, “Stormy” has overcome (transformed) developmentally dysfunctional egotisms. Healthy, sympathetic, powerful, courageous, life-affirming, philanthropic, understanding, peaceful, and full of empathy – this is how “Stormy” goes into effect.

As a Psi-walker, one stands with the intention of developing these qualities as well, in order to lead one’s life authentically as a strong, grown, and characterful personality.

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