Why was the Psi-walker community created?

The current zeitgeist demands that you position yourself as a responsible citizen.

The global happenings demand our reaction as a human. We have to give life normality again, the freedom to meet our original needs. You cannot and must not accept things as unchangeable or sit and wait in silence. To tolerate restrictions on fundamental rights or compulsory regulation with indifference or naivety cannot and will not be the healthy way.

Asking meaningful, critical questions and getting to the bottom of the causes must stay a fundamental right.

The pendulum of duality needs to be brought in a correct swing again, which is out of step now.

The answer and solutions are available thanks to PSI-research on the part of Willi Robé. He researches as a human being for human beings! As a scientist, it is close to his heart, and he feels bound to pass on his findings from causal PSI-research ideologically. In this sense, he founded the „Psi-walker community“ to allow people around the world to be carried by “Stormy’s” intention.

“Stormy’s” message is addressed to all people, especially those who may be irritated by all the worldly happenings, who are afraid. The important thing is: Only an open mind will save you from collective disappointment and accompanying emotions and actions. If we – as a society – do not change anything about interpersonal coexistence, the scenario of a humanly degenerated world cannot be prevented. Then you can say “Good night!”.

For these reasons, we must become aware of where this will lead us if we continue to cling to the old structures (= which have never proven themselves to be successful) and if we want to stick to them again and again. It needs to be and become a common concern for us: To be allowed to question and to fathom intended motives. That includes all political, economic, social, cultural issues, but also your own interests.

It is time to wake up to the fact that coercion and force – in other words, all those things that are happening globally right now – quickly lead to very dangerous dimensions. The politics of fear is having an impact.

What can you do about it yourself?

First and foremost, do recognize fake news and one-sided reporting, and, therefore, you spare yourself being misled by possible manipulative agenda.

Many people – and they become more and more every day – strive for change because they are discontent, unhappy, or sick. They lack the alternative of how it can be done so that the desired change actually occurs, and it can be sustained – because that’s what it’s all about!

How and by what means can it be realized to implement oneself spiritually free and healthy in life?

People are not only gagged by political decisions, but they also keep each other in check in the topics of development and self-fulfillment. The respective prevailing consciousness keeps them narrow-minded and unfree. Envy, disappointment, compulsions, of all kinds, etc., make people mentally ill. All plans to change have always failed because all the considered solution models were only focused on combating symptoms.

PSI-research is a lot ahead of the rest when it comes to exploring causes. We know how to deal with manipulatory, disease-causing factors and what causes them. It can be said quite clearly: With the prevailing consciousness, humans are on the best way to extinguish themselves. In such a way, any interhuman empathy is lost!

Therefore, it is important, and also necessary to stage a worldwide movement to foster explanation and education:


We invite everyone to join this movement ideologically. The point here is not who is the better, but to commit together: Recognize and realize the reasons (causes) of prevailing injustices. To put things in the right order and to straighten out the causal factors on a small as well as on a large scale, before we steer into a social catastrophe under the currently prevailing conditions of an energetic nature (pathological, egoistic thinking, feeling, and acting).

„Objectified views, new models of thought and behaviour are needed,” that is our agreed maxim!

A figurehead is needed for these paths. But it doesn’t always have to be a person who takes on this role. It can also be a kind of symbolic figure.

Our figurehead „Stormy“ leads through stormy times!

„Stormy“ has all qualities that it needs NOW to find the exit from prevailing compulsions, fears, addictions, manipulations, etc. Symbolically, it stands for spiritual development! That’s what the Psi-walker community is all about.

Only through the transformation of consciousness, we manage together to get rid of the weapons of defeat:

  • by objectifying people’s views on guilt & atonement.
  • the so-called enemy is no longer sought in the outsight world, and people learn to understand bit by bit what guides them in certain situations and makes them feel
  • and so on.

Then something unique can and will happen globally!

A new collective consciousness is forming worldwide, based on the principles of the cosmic order of cause & effect.

Our CALL to ALL:

Let’s make „Stormy“ go – worldwide!
This is not about the person, but about the subject / topic!

As a Psi-walker, you stand up for your transformation of consciousness, so that you can escape the ego dominance.
Choose Harmony & Fairness!

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